FHS Sloane Square Alumni Interviews

Alex Horowitz (2015)

An interview with student and professional hockey assistant, Alex Horowitz, class of 2015

Serena Guen (2008)

An interview with travel entrepreneur, Serena Guen, class of 2008

Tiffany Kaba (2006)

An interview with Property Developer, Tiffany Kaba, class of 2006

Anna Morgan (1996)

An interview with Civil Servant, Anna Morgan, class of 1996

Susannah Barran (1999)

An interview with Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist, Susannah Barran, class of 1999.

Anni Rowland-Campbell (1979)

An interview with Philanthropist, Anni Rowland-Campbell (née Rowland), class of 1979

Betsabeh Solente (1979)

An interview with Marketer, Betsabeh Solente, class of 1979

Belinda Scott (1972)

An interview with Jewellry Entrepreneur, Belinda Scott (née Bennett), class of 1972

Dr Jane Orr (1969)

An interview with Doctor Jane Orr (née Dorman), class of 1969

Headmistress Lucy Elphinstone discusses 'doing it scared' on LBC radio

Headmistress Lucy Elphinstone discusses 'doing it scared' on LBC

Gail Wellings (1959)

An interview with Chairman's Secretary, Gail Wellings (née Owen), class of 1959