Serena Guen (2008)

An interview with travel entrepreneur, Serena Guen, class of 2008

Serena Guen Serena Guen
Thanks Serena for your great interview, it's wonderful to hear how you came to be running your own travel website and magazine!

When did you attend Francis Holland School?


What is your fondest schoolday memory?


Definitely not swimming lessons! 


Which teacher did you find most influential?

Mrs Banks and Mrs Pepper.

What have you been up to since leaving FHS?

Since leaving Francis Holland, I've completed my undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies at NYU. I have now launched a travel focused magazine and media agency called SUITCASE.

How did you come to be in your current career?

Studying abroad in Paris when I was at NYU, I realised the lack of trust and sense of aesthetic for most travel websites and magazines, so I decided to make my own more relevant, exciting and beautiful version!

What are your role's most/least interesting parts?

The most interesting part is travelling the world and getting to know different cultures. The least interesting part is admin – there's a lot of admin involved in running a business!

What advice would you give to FHS alumni/pupils?

Be honest wth yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and play to what you know you can do best.

Are you still in touch with any other alumni?

Yes lots!

What will you be doing next?

I am currently fundraising to take SUITCASE to the next level with more travel content, an improved website etc.
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